I can do this .... Why do I need an event planner ?
​​ 1.The 'I can easily do this' disease. The biggest mistake for an event? Wow, this costs a lot, I am better off doing this myself. And what does an vent planner do different than me? Nothing wrong with this thought but everything you want, is it really achievable ... Your sister, your brother, your best friend or friend, who have already been chosen as a witness, dj,babysit, presenter .... Everyone is employable. Even mom, mother-in-law, dad, father-in-law .... Real help in abundance. They receive the guests ... oops group photo .... Where is my witness now? Daddy keeps an eye on the dj. ... .. than our opening dance and the next dance? It will only happen to you..... It's a "NO" for me.
2. Stress !!!! HELP
“I did it myself”, against all better judgement, there you are as the shining bride ….

Your big day and you are still watching the clock, trying to check all boxes on your list. The one you shouldn't be having in the first place.
Let us not even go cell phone. You are trying to hide it in your outfit, making it not ring or fibre cause still all need you : venue, guests, caterer, ...

You need to enjoy your day, your event …..

Relax, enjoy! Leave that cell phone and list to someone else. 

3. Dream vs reality

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a garden party or even a mini festival like tomorrow land ? Maybe we can really have the large space of our next door farmer ? Ohhh why not the beach ?? Well I hate to burst your bubble but whe do not live in the US or the Bahamas. The whether gods are not always with us.
I am sure that your positives  outweigh the negatives and who would even dream of contradicting you.
I will …. if you accept .... your dream will come true.

4. My choices

What will you pay attention to when making choices regarding venue, caterer etc. ?
Twitter, facebook, club ?

You are you and you make your own choices.
Will you be in the non popular zone or will you become the next trendsetter of your little society?
Keep in mind that you are unique, Your Day is unique.

Determine your own "feel" and make Google your best friend. Let yourself be inspired by pinterest, blogs ............. Choose suppliers that match your style and personality. If you'd like quick feedback, go with suppliers who respond immediately. Do you like relaxing, opt for suppliers who show innovation and initiative. Is there discussion from the beginning? Move on .............

5. Planning planning...... planning

Without a genuine roadbook and script, you will not make it through this day.
It will help you with all appointments and deadlines to keep.

6. Money makes the world go round
Alternatief vs old school ?
We will be renting a tent …… but what about  extra installation costs for electricity, heating, toilets ?
Who would not go for a 5 course menu but 60% of your guests will not like it.
A buffet full of desserts, wonderful but in the end we like a simple food truck after 22pm ?
There are a lot of misunderstandings about the more expensive items for the perfect event…..
There is absolute truth in that but ... Anything can be discussed, your budget can be met. It all depends on how creative you CAN and WANT to be.
All depends on what you are willing to do regarding decor, guests, etc

Choices    Choices    Choices                                               Push the "extra" button for your "checklist preview"

                                Memories are the most beautiful pictures
                            our minds can paint
                    and nothing can ever erase them

You are writing the pages of your book together ... hopefully I may be your editor  ….